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The women's gestures of interest to men

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  • She looks into the mirror in the man's presence.
  • She improves her clothes, sleeks her hair or just touch it.
  • She periodically uncovers her wrists and unknowingly or consciously demonstrates them.
  • She shakes her hips while walking.
  • She strokes her calves, knees and hips. The legs are spread no matter in what position she is sitting or standing.
  • She plays shoe on her finger-tips.
  • While sitting her leg is bended under herself.
  • Her mouth is slightly opened, and lips are slightly wet.
  • Her chest is straightened.
  • Her fingers twiddle anything that has an elongate shape: cigarette, pen.
  • She casts an intimate look at a man, also she looks a little bit askance with the smile.
  • Her anklebones are crossed.
  • She tosses her head periodically, and then slightly bends aside.
  • She has pupils-dilated during personal communication.

Men's mistakes about women

A lot of men do not know the subtleties of women's mind. Every woman is able to manipulate the man using his lack of knowledge of women's character.
  1. The men don't believe in stereotypes of women's behaviour. They think that another woman would act differently than the previous one.
  2. The men believe in little silly women that actually women made out.
  3. Very often men believe in false stereotypes, that women cultivate about their weakness, romance and cowardice. These stereotypes women can use often in their interests.
  4. The men hardly ever start to think that every beautiful woman has a lot of rivals that she truly hates.
  5. Not so many men know that as older woman as lower self-appraisal she has. The self-appraisal can be influenced only by self-conceit.
  6. Women's self-confidence is based on the foolishness and money of that man who would be a perfect person for its demonstration.
  7. A lot of women play another role in front of the man they need, but not being themselves. They play a role of the woman that the man wishes to see.
  8. Many men believe in myth that women can wait for them for a long term.
  9. Most of the women would think of the man that would be shy with them, communicate carefully and gingerly, that would efface himself, that he doesn't have enough experience.
  10. Most of the men don't know that women are afraid to loose man's interest that they need.
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