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Men are eternal optimists and romantics in the questions of sex

Men say that they are as romantic as women, but they just would like to have sex with a bigger quantity of partners. This opinion is investigated by the Internet interview, in which 250 thousand of men and women took part. The results of thighs interview proved as well that the stereotypes of many men and women have very deep roots and are connected with lots of biological factors, says The Independent. Men have a stronger need in sex and are known as "sexual optimists". When men were asked how many, in their opinion, they will have sexual partners during the next five years, the average number was 3.4, while women have 1.9
While performing the tasks given by this program, men showed that they possess better space orientation than women. But at the same time women were more successful in tests on oratory. The scientists have also discovered that nearly one fifth of men have purely "women's type" of brain. And almost the same quantity of women has the mind, more typical for men. Professor John Manning from the University of Central Lancashire said that this Internet-interview was unexampled by its size. People from more than 170 countries and six ethnic groups took part in it. Every person who took part in this interview answered 200 hundred questions and performed some tasks to get to know their characters and cognitive abilities better.

Scottish scientists discovered the secret of attractiveness

The scientists-psychologists from the University of Aberdeen announced that they succeeded in finding the secret of men and women's attractiveness, writes newspaper The Guardian. During this research, in which more than 60 young men and women under the age of 24 took part, was investigated that both men and women are more attracted to a man if other women smile to him. The girls were shown the photos of men with neutral expression of the face and asked to evaluate their attractiveness. When there appeared a woman on a photo who smiled to a man, the rage of attractiveness of this man increased on 15 per cent. The similar experiment among young men showed the opposite result. The rage of a man goes down greatly, if a woman smiles to him. Psychologists came to the conclusion that in this way becomes apparent the competitive fight which is more common to the biggest part of animals. They pointed out that "desired" men are more attractive and interesting to women, because they treat them as the best ones. And other men, on the contrary, see a big threat in them.

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