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The skill of getting to know the women

The eyes of women play a great deal in getting to know the person. They are the informative component of the appearance of a lady. The peculiarities of the character, life experience and even intellectual abilities of a girl can be seen in her eyes. Men can see the inner thoughts, mood and emotional life of a woman from her eyes. Every person has an incomparable color of eyes and the color of eyes is heritable. Dependence of a character from the color of eyes. We can judge about the feelings of the person in the very moment and about his inner qualities from the color of eyes.
Green-eyed women are very tender as a rule. Ladies with this color of eyes will never be indifferent to such a color of eyes. They always love sincerely and passionately. They are always devoted to the person whom they have fallen in love with. These people are people of action. This color is peculiar to a person-knight. Friends estimate them for kindness and reliability, and enemies hate them for firmness and having a lot of principles.
Blue and gray eyes are peculiar to the person-fighter, who has the authority under someone, and achieves success in extraordinary way. Blue eyes hide the lie in them. It's a strong-willed person, with lots of goals and don't have extra tenderness and soft-heartedness. Blue-eyed person cannot be moved by tears, or promises and even suffers. It is not easy to get married with such a woman. Blue eyes are peculiar to a sensitive person. Gray eyes are peculiar to a curious one. These girls are always interested in something. These eyes are of lucky people. They are lucky in love, career and work. Gray-green-brown-eyed are relied to people who irresolute and inconsistent. Women with such eyes are devoted to their destiny.
Hazel eyes are peculiar to a girl who is very attractive and disposed to whims. They choose the soul mate judging how much the man can sacrifice for them. Light-hazel eyes tell about pragmatism of their owner. Dark-hazel eyes tell about sensitivity, temper, and emotional character. But they are always the first to forget the offenses, and can be calmed down very quickly. Dark-hazel-eyed women are peculiar to energetic person. Black eyes speak about the passionate and loving person. These people rarely forget about the things that they have taken to their head one day.

Oksana Petrova

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