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An ideal lover for a woman

In our life everybody asks himself: Where is my second half? What does my ideal soul mate look like? A loving woman can get to know perfect love game in the arms of an ideal lover. A joint women's experience shows that such men are very rarely met in real life (one to a thousand or even one to ten thousand). So the chances to get an ideal lover as your future husband are very small. Because how can you get to know this man among the others?
We have collected some info from real Russian women and to your attention the likeness of the ideal lover:
  • He is very different in his careful attitude towards woman's bosom. He won't press, and rudely squeeze the bosom of his beloved woman every minute. They do not like rude strength at all. They prefer tender kisses and passionate little biting more.
  • An ideal lover never stops his sexual contact to answer the telephone call, or to receive fax or to rush towards TV set.
  • He knows it for sure that his secret is not in the size, but in his love towards the representatives of a beautiful part of the mankind.
  • Of course variety and imagination in sex is great, but an ideal lover never forgets that his partner is not a graduate from the circus school. The vision of getting to a hospital with the broken leg out from the bed is not likable for her.
  • An ideal lover does not make love only in the night. He understand that his woman is very tired during the day at her work, after the housework and she needs to get a sound rest at night. Sex in the morning is very good because the organism has rested, the temperature of the body is higher than usual, and this leads to a high sensitivity.

The quotation one of Russian woman:

"Passionate and tender, loyal and attentive, and as if getting to know about every desire and wish of yours, understanding every hint and gesture - he is very generous on tender words, not only "before", but "during", and "after". He looks at you as if there are no other women in the whole world, and this makes you the most beautiful and loved woman. He loves everything in you - your hair, your neck, eyes, your knees and even your toes. Each glance of his is full of secret sense, and your heart stops for a second and wings appear behind your back. It can be sad near him, but you will never get bored."

So, men, act like an ideal lover!

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