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Are you ready for marriage?

Long-lasting relationship ends in a marriage only in one case of four. The others are destroyed and the partners that used to be happy in each other's hugs are not eager even to congratulate each other on birthday. And how is better not to "overdo" relationship and to propose in time to your beloved? So if you:
  • See your beloved almost everyday and sometimes several times a day and you feel that you are not able to live apart...
  • At time when you are not together you call each other and send numerous SMS. This helps you to be always in touch and to control your partner's moves in space.
  • Your jealousy has reached maximum. There only men (women) around you who want to snatch your beloved away from you!
  • Your sexual relations have become stable and even a bit boring long ago. Everything is tried and you understand each other from half a word.
  • Your parents, relatives and friends know very well that you are the one and it is known very well that you will create a family one-day.
  • Your parents most likely know each other. But this is not the main thing; they can easily live in different cities.
  • It is not a pity for you to waste your money on each other. You are moving from trifles (trinkets, watches, perfumes and adornments) to big purchases. You have something like common budget, which have much in common with a family one.
  • You do each other's errands with great a pleasure and seriousness.
  • You think about brothers and sisters of your beloved as about your relatives and communicate with them more often than with your own.
  • You call your beloved "my dear" or "my darling", and when you speak about him/her with the other you call him/her without doubt "my second half", "my honey" or even "my fiancee".
  • You have an experience of the rest together (in a sanatorium, tourist center, or just on the dacha). And usually not only once.
  • You try from time to time live together. It can be life in the flat of one of the partners when his/her parents are away, life in the dormitory, or renting a flat. It is something like a civil marriage already.
If only 5 or 7 signs are related to your couple, it means that the peak of your relationship is forward. If you have 8-13 signs it means that whether you are very close to the peak or on it already. It is the time to make conclusions the right decision. It's time to get married and you have nothing other to wait for.

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