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Present Ukraine

The geographical position of Ukraine is very favourable: outlets to Black and Azov Seas, Crimean and Carpathian Mountains, many rivers and lakes, plains rich on productive black earth, forests and rich in minerals regions.
Official language: Ukrainian
Capital: Kyiv
Major cities: Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Sevastopol
Independence: August, 24, 1991
Location: Central-Eastern Europe, part of the East-European plain, between 44''20' and 52''20' N and 22''5' and 41''15'E. Have a look at the World map to locate Ukraine.
Area: 603 700 km2
Climate: moderately continental, except for Southern Crimea, where the climate is subtropical, of the Mediterranean type. The Carpathian climate is also mild, with warm winter and rainy summer. Average winter temperature is from -8 to -12 C (from +17.6 F to +3 F). In the Southern regions average winter temperature is 0 C (+32 F). Average summer temperature is from +18 to +25 C (from +64.4 F to +77 F), although maximum temperature can be more than +35 C (+95 F).
Best time to visit Ukraine: summer, late spring and early fall.
Population: 47 732 079 (25th in the world, population density 80 p/km2)
Currency: hryvna (letter code UAH, digital code 980)
Time zone: GMT+2
Internet top-level domain: ua
International phone code: 380
System of measures and weights: Metric (SI)
Electric network: 220 In (it is frequent with differences), frequency - 50 Hz. Plugs with two round thin probes.
The territory of Ukraine extends 900 km from north to south and 1,300 km from east to west. The total area is 603,700 Ukraine borders Belarus 891 km, Hungary 103 km, Moldova 939 km, Poland 526 km, Romania (south) 169 km, Romania (west) 362 km, Russia 1,576 km, Slovakia 97 km. Look at Ukraine map. There are 24 administrative regions and the Cremean autonomous republic in Ukraine, 2 municipalities: Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) and Sevastopol.

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