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What do we conceal from each other?

The clue to the secrets of heart

You can tell that people who love each other should have no secrets. Let me disagree. Little secrets are necessary, especially for women. And besides, it's unnecessary for you both to tell about your last love affairs and their quantity. And this is the first secret. And if you keep on, you will have a plenty of them - nobody is saint.
What do single russian women prefer to keep close? Most often they conceal their age and weight. Despite the fact that women being admired they are afraid to be left. Women never trust to men completely. They always have some secret savings in order not to be depended completely on a man.
Partly because of the ignorance, partly because of little knowledge but men have their own view on women. They consider:
  • Women are created to do the job they themselves are reluctant to do;
  • There no real friendship between women, in contrast to men;
  • Making make up is as easy and fast thing as shaving;
  • Women needn't much time to lose their weight, they only need a strong desire;
  • Big bosom and long legs can make up everything else;
  • Woman begins admiring a man only in case she needs something;
  • There is no woman a man would be unable to attract.
What we, women, think about men:
  • All men are children but just grown up;
  • We can rule a country much better than men;
  • Men are unable to look after the house;
  • Any woman is a leader in her family and men who think opposite just make an illusion;
  • Most men treat a woman like the object for sex whereas we need them to get tenderness and attention.
Men hide their diffidence in carrier and sex. They are afraid to look ridiculous and ignorant in business matters. We forgive them that they don't show their desire to be attractive for women and conceal how much we mean for them.

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