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Sex can protect from infarct and insult

Making love can successfully replace sport according to the affect it has on cardiovascular system. Researches showed that men that have sex 3-4 times a week take 50% less risk of having serious infarct or insult. Experts from Bristol University (England) examined 2400 people to vale the positive affect of sex on men's health. Authors of this work noticed in their report that was made on World conference of insult problem that sex shouldn't be long to be of benefit.
Before scientists supposed that for real protection of an organism from infarct or insult one needs not less than 20 minutes of physical training, at least three times a week. And at the same time they consider acceleration of breathing and intensive hidrosis as the index of sufficient training. And now researches came to the conclusion that even small, but regular training can help to protect heart and vessels from disease, but this applies to only sex with legal wives. As it was ascertained in another research that was held in Tokyo, insults during having sex mostly happen when a man use the service of prostitutes.

40% of the British are ready to refuse sex for the sake of long life.

According to facts that was received from survey that was held in Great Britain, 40% inhabitants of this country are ready to refuse sex if they would need this to live to 100 years. 48% women and 31 % men agree to sacrifice sex for the sake of longevity. But at the same time more than 94 % of people claimed that they wouldn't be able to refuse communication with close people and family for the sake of long life. Half of the people also think that scientists should continue researches as for extension of humans life. This survey was held according to the order of British non-state company that provides medical service to people there.

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