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What do Russian women wish?

Women wish for great and pure love. Always. It is not necessary to spend all your savings and buy expensive knick-knacks in order to show your girlfriend sincerity of your feelings and purity of intentions. There are a great variety of presents for your beloved, but the most important thing is not to overdo with the gift and not to get her into a bad mood. Indisputably, most women prefer to get things of practical use.
Either you like it or not, but your gift speaks instead of you and shows how much you love and appreciate her. And it doesn't matter for how long you have been together: two month or 24 hours. Do feelings have weight? What women do expect from you?
  • Flowers. No matter, how banal it might sound - a bouquet of flowers was and would be the best present. Women melt at the sight of blossoming buds of roses or lilies. If you have given your precious one all possible kinds of bouquets, then daze her with a fluffy cactus or a tiny palm-tree.
  • Underwear. You'll say it's a nasty taste?! Nothing of that sort. I don't know a woman, for whom it would be unpleasant or humiliating to get a beautiful underwear as a present. Not always do women manage to pick up an odd complete set exquisite underwear. At times she is short of time and cash for going to shops. If you are a big expert in such an intimate question, make your other half happy with expensive underwear. The chief thing is not to err with the size, as you will never make up your mind to get back to that shop again. The best thing is to suggest that your girlfriend can choose underwear herself. Be sure, she definitely will choose a complete set you'll go into raptures about.
  • Clothes and accessories. It can be anything you like: ladies' handbag, or business portfolio, leather belt or splendid kerchief as handwork from Hermes, patent-leather shoes or running shoes, warm Scottish sweater or woolen scarf, evening dress or sport suit. Perhaps her wardrobes are crammed with all this leather-woolen abundance, but it'll be pleasant for her to know that she is not the only one who cares about her health and wardrobe.
  • Perfume. Often tastes of women and men differ. The scent, which gives men the creeps and makes head go around (in a positive meaning), provokes unpredictable reaction of a woman (from disgust till headache). If your girlfriend mentioned a new scent that she would like to have in her collection, don't forget to make precise its appellation, otherwise you'll have to terrorize a shop-assistant for hours asking about Japanese perfumer who has created a Japanese miracle that is difficult to utter.
  • Jewelry. "The best friends of ladies are brilliants", - uttered Merlin Monro. Almost half a century her words are echoed by the most gorgeous women of the Earth - collectors of jewel knick-knacks. Not to be mistaken with the size, you can take with you her girlfriend or one of her rings. And don't limit yourself to only a signet or finger ring!
  • Cyber-promoted things! It can be anything you like: from liquid-crystalline monitor till computer translator. Girls like modern design of mobile phones, digital players, and bugs. Perhaps, you're much better in cyber things than she. Give her a real gift!
What else do Russian women expect: a party for two, a car, a sponsor etc. present can be different but it very important for them to be a surprise! Daze your beloved ones - give them miracle and yourself!

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