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Three means of writing and forwarding your introductory letter

If you have decided to find a girl-friend via dating site, you can use three ways of writing and forwarding letters:
  1. The oldest way is to send your pattern letter to big quantity of addressees. As a result one third of people will decide to write you back. It may happen that you will not like some of them. If forwarding letters is chargeable, you may spend much money for this. But if you are idle, this method is for you.
  2. Search of people who are spiritually close to you and writing personal letter. Having chosen this method, you must be patient, because you will have to look through all profiles. After you have chosen some of them, you can start writing a letter. Try your best to make every letter unique and interesting taking into account preferences of your future partner. Of course it requires your creative approach and some skills, but your work will be appreciated. Do not forget to keep bio-data of those people you are in correspondence with. You will certainly need it in future. You can combine these two methods in one choosing people you want to correspond with and to send them pattern letters. But for all that don't forget to add some details and compliments, which regard to namely this person.
  3. Writing different letters to one person and forwarding them from different email addresses. It happens you like young and beautiful lady. Does she wish for serious relationship or just money and expensive presents? You may use this method in order to get answers to these questions. You may introduce yourself a financially secured businessman in one letter, not a rich man in another one, and the third letter is on behalf of you. Then you may send these letters from different addresses with some interval in time. Make your letters completely different for them not to seem identical on attentive reading. The merit of this method lies in your possibility to get to know much about your mate, her goals and if it is worthy of binding your lives together.

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