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The age typology of Russian girls

There are lots of characteristics of men and women. French psychologists think that woman's attitude to a man should be viewed from the point of view of her age. She can be a mischief-maker, teenager, and mature woman. By combining different ways of her attitude to a man, woman achieves a lot of success in her controlling her man's actions.
A mischief-maker.
Her behavior is like small girls. She is always very natural, spontaneous and ingenious. And sometimes her actions begin to be a bit demonstrative in a way. Most of all she sees her father in her husband, whom she respects a great deal.
A teenager.
This type of women can be characterized with a definite abruptness and aggressiveness, which is directed on self-affirmation. Such girls have too high demands on the ideal husband and too unstable character. Their partners are usually very stable and self-confident.
A mature woman.
These girls are the most faithful wives, loving mothers and mysterious lovers. They consider themselves as very experienced in seduction of man, and they can easily find out the way of any difficult situation. Some men see the personification of feminity in them.

Earrings and girl's character

In African tribes women tend to wear earrings to safe themselves from evil spirits. Psychologists think that the character of a girl affects choice of the form of the earrings.
So, if a woman prefers the earrings in the form of triangles, she has a very spontaneous nature. If the angles of her earrings are sharp, it means that she tends to suppress the other people. If her earrings are like ellipse, she is reliable, emotional and kindhearted person. Four-angled earrings mean that she is self-confident and single-minded person. They like the men with resolute character. Round earrings are the sign of a balanced and emotionally stable nature. If her earrings are with some figures it means that their hostess wants to be unlike the other. She is mainly unconfident in her abilities.

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