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Presents that Russian women do not like

Certainly everyone loves the presents, and age or sex doesn't matter. Any women like to get the presents more often. To choose the present that lady would definitely like this is a hard task for man. The main thing you should rely on while choosing a present is your attitude and knowledge of habits and tastes of your Russian woman you are trying to please. Below there is a list of things that you should never present:
  • Kitchen implements and domestic equipment. You can offend her with such present, as she might see the delicate hint on that her place is in kitchen (and it is not important that you actually weren't even thinking to say something like that). Any lady doesn't like to feel herself a cook, even if she spends most of her life in kitchen for real.
  • The clothes, especially if you don't know the exact size. Your taste and feeling of style might not combine with the taste and feeling of style of your Russian girlfriend. For example, you might choose green shirt for her, but she has already five of such shirts, and all of them are in the storeroom, as, on her opinion, green color doesn't suit her. In this category the exception may be only beautiful underwear. But again you need to know the exact size for buying it.
  • The present should be only for her. If you buy a present thinking that you would also use it, then it is not fair.
  • Never present her cheap perfume. Perfume is supposed to have an expensive, nice smell, and they will cost appropriately. The goal justifies means. As for other cosmetics and hygiene means you shouldn't risk. For instance, if you would present to your beloved a deodorant, she might think that you smell sweat from her.
  • Forget about cheap jewelry. Stones have to be real, and metal shouldn't leave green stripes (as it often happens with copper covered with silver dust).
Also don't forget, that to buy a nice thing is only half of deal. Learn how to give the present, so the woman would feel herself the only one and beloved. Combine a beautiful present or bouquet of flowers with the most tender words, and don't be afraid to look silly, as you are telling the truth.

Yulia Pavlova

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