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The formula of family happiness

On American psychologists' opinion, the family happiness includes approximately 100 ingredients. Most of them were discovered long time ago. They are the ability to listen to each other, not to judge others and to be punctual. "As a rule, we underestimate the importance of everyday life. Family is based on ordinary things and not on bright events like vacation when dynamics of life suddenly changes" says psychologist Nayven Bryan in his interview to "Los Angeles Times".
To the scientist's mind, the most important thing in building strong family is to create the atmosphere of free will and mutual support not only between husband and wife, but also in relationships between parents and their children as well as between close relatives. It is important not only to stand each other, but to receive endless pleasure from communication.
In daily life it is necessary to follow very simple rules that nevertheless are very difficult to observe. The rule number 39 of 100 simple secrets of happy family is to be always punctual. The psychologist thinks that punctual parents give their children confidence in themselves and in their family. Children know that they will never be let down. This is a very simple rule "and everyone could follow it but many people do not do this" - says Nayven. The rule number 12 also sounds very simple. It is necessary to tell children about your childhood and about the childhood of the rest members of your family. From the psychologist's point of view, it helps the youngest members of the family to get to know their grown-ups better. "Many children - explains Nayven, - think that their parents have never had their childhood with its childish problems. They suppose their parents came to this world at the age of 30".
It is extremely important to be able to debate and to listen to the others. "It is necessary to listen to everyone. Several points of view can't be right at the same time but they must be listened to" says the scientist "And then even if children do not like your decision they will take it into consideration as their opinion was discussed."
Another psychologist's advise whose number is 88, is not to do everything and always together. "To spend all your free time with your family is not a very useful thing because your individuality can disappear". It is very important for the psychological health of your family to preserve the individuality of each member of it. That's why one of the most difficult psychologist's rules is to find balance in this uneasy matter.

As provided by "Los Angeles Times"

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