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It seems to be true that important thing for woman is man's hight

The British scientists finely answered the question why men are higher than women. The thing is the beautiful half of the mankind think that the tall men are more sexually attractive and will be the better fathers for their future children. At the same time, in most cases, the men pay attention to the shorter women because they find them more sexually attractive too, informs BBC.
"The tall men and tiny women - it has become the secret rule, that is why in the process of evolution the difference in hight between men and women will probably never disappear." - says Deniel Nettle from Open University. As a result, a tall man has not any chance to be alone or at list to be childless. The statistic shows that the probability for the man with the hight about 183cm to become a father is higher than for the man who is six centimeter shorter. As for the women, they need to have the hight about 162cm and shorter to marry and have a child.
The scientists explain this rule not only by the evolution way. They also think that there also exist the proper genetic changes too. Besides, they say that the rules of social device play a great role too. It is so because it is more difficult for the woman with the big hight to find a partner than it is for the tiny woman because the last one has a great chance of choice.

What woman's lips will say about

The most important sign of sexual appeal is lips. The psychologists say that lips can show the sincere feelings of a person. Lips is the indicator of warmth and sexuality people are looking for in the each other. The basic principle works for both men and women - the bigger lips are the better, but if the lips are too big, it will probably push away the people around.
Mickle Kanninghem, the professor of Psychology from Luisvil Universaty, says that women are looking for the elusive combination of sensitiveness and severity in men' lips. (The famous American actor Brett Pitt can be an example) Though it is also important for lips to show the men' strength. Any sign of delicacy brings down the chances to have woman's attention. At the same time, there should be the hint at nobility and tenderness. The men with the middle size of mouth can relax because they were lucky more than others.
What woman's lips men like? Men like full, red and damp lips, like Merlin Monro has. The women, which purse their lips, make a signal that they are not interested in sexual relationships. In general, a small nose, big eyes and sensitive lips - is attractive combination that like both men and women.

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