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Peculiar properties of the Internet acquaintance and useful advices

The first and the most important rule is that the acquaintances in the Internet are not so differ from the acquaintances in real life. A lot of people think that the decision to get acquainted through the internet itself is capable to change the life and solve the problem of loneliness and personal life. It is not so! The Internet can expand your circle of acquaintance, but there are the same laws of communication in the net, as in real life. If you are boring, faceless and banal - you do not have any chance to be noticed. If you used to sit in the corner quietly, keep silent significantly and grandly knit your brows - you simply are not interesting! On the contrary, you can have the middling appearance, harmful habits and a lot of lacks, but if you are able to get the interest to yourself, you will certainly have the attention of people.

The advices on filling the forms of dating site

Try to fill the form accurately, attentively and without mistakes. Pay attention to the requirements to filling the form. The administration of sites of acquaintances writes them to help their users. Please write as much as you can about yourself and the woman you would like to meet. Attract the attention. Do you have hobby? Write about it. Do not write the banalities. Please try not to use the cliches. Dream. Turn to advantage and joke. You can use the verses and familiar expressions. Try not to lie. You will certainly have the temptation to embellish, to hide and hold back. But you should think first that if you lie a lot, you can disappoint your partner and lose everything you aspired to.

Photo to your profile on dating site

I recommend you to add the photo to your dating profile. The Russian women who will have the desire to write to you should know the way you look. On statistics, the form without photos has less attention. If you think that your appearance is not good enough, think about the following:
  • The ideas of beauty are very individual. Unexpectedly you can appear quite attractive and even handsome in the eyes of women.
  • You can do nothing with your appearance. Why do you need the communication with people who will not like the way you look? In other words, people who write to you will not run away when they see you in person in the real life.
  • The photo can attract, describe and embellish. You would better not use the photo from the passport. But you should use the picture made during some rest, style photo, the picture with the special foreshortening, silhouette. This is what we need.
  • Do not use the pictures of other people! That is not fair. It is not honest to those who look through your form. In the second place, it speaks about your complexes concerning your own appearance. It can be not so, but this is what a lady that looks through your profile with the other's person photo will think about.
  • Do not use drawings, the images of animals and other images which do not belong to your appearance. It is impossible to judge your appearance even if they are nice, funny or original. And appearance is something that is the most important for the person who looks at your photo. Besides, you can show the drawings to make fun of it later while corresponding with the lady.

The list of imperfection

Finally, it is necessary to say that the acquaintances through the internet have the list of imperfection too. And as always these lacks seem to be the continuation of advantages. There are cases of boorish behavior, the sudden disappearance of the partner of correspondence, the communication with the ones who like to joke or scam on you. But, first, it is life. And secondly, these small problems seem to be nothing in comparison with the fact that there are a lot of people that find their friends in the internet daily. And sometimes they find their destiny too.

So be prudent with the Internet acquaintance. And Get acquainted with the Single Russian Woman!

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