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Interesting facts about a kiss

A kiss stimulates nearly 30 muscles of the face to move. And such training helps to avoid appearance of wrinkles.
While kissing the beloved are able to pass each other a complex of different substance (lipids, salts and proteins). And it is known that this makes the immunity stronger.
66 per cent of people close their eyes while love kissing. Other people get pleasure from seeing the actions of a partner.
American statistics says that a woman kisses with about 80 men before getting married.
A romantic kisses burns 2-3 calories; a French kiss burns 5 calories or even more.
A minute of kissing burns 26 calories.
Sensitivity of lips is 200 times bigger than sensitivity of the fingers of hands.
Men, who kiss their wives before leaving for work, live five years longer.
A passionate kiss, lasting for 90 seconds, makes the blood pressure, pulse and the level of hormones in blood higher, what (by the last data) lessens the length of a person's life in a minute.
During the kiss in a body of a human being appears a narcotic substance, which is 200 times stronger by action than morphine. Kissing people are filled with the feeling of joy, delight and happiness.
Many men consider a kiss to be a compliment. And there are men who can also accept as a compliment with gratitude an air-kiss.
A kiss helps women to relax and get rid of stress.
On average a man or woman spends 20160 minutes or two weeks of life on kisses.
50 percent of people, who kiss for the first time, do it before turning 14.
On the 28th of January 2002 Americans Louisa Almodovar and Rich Langly won the competition on the longest kiss after kissing for 30 hours 59 minutes and 27 seconds.
A well-known French kiss is called "a blending of souls" in France. Not only lips take part in it, but tongue as well. Not wishing to stop on the gained, sensitive Frenchmen decided to create a second variant of a French kiss, when only tongues take part in it.
The kisses of the people from the Utmost North is something really significant. It is more than just touching each other's noses. After touching each others' noses, the Eskimos open their lips and breathe the air together, then they breath out the air, closing the lips. Enjoying the fragrance of each other, the beloved touch each other's cheeks, and get stale in such a position for a minute or even longer.
It is not a custom to kiss on the public in China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. And there is such an impression that the ceremony of the Japanese kiss is created to teach the European people. Two Japanese people in order to kiss are to stand face-to-face, to lean (standing to attention!), and touch the lips of a partner for a second of even less.

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