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The reasons and mechanisms people jealousy.

The feeling of jealousy comes to us for the first time in our childhood. The main reason of jealousy is the fear to loose mother's love and attention. For example if the second child is born in the family, the first child will be very jealous. It is so because it seems to him that the second child will gets all the love and attention of their mother.
Is there the difference between the man's and woman's jealousy? Certainly there is. Remember that mother seems to be the reason of child's jealousy, no matter what sex is the child. In other words, woman is always the first object of jealousy. And it brings us to the very interesting conclusion.
When a boy becomes a grown man, he has the greatest jealousy to the woman. When a girl will become a woman, she will also feel the jealousy to the woman! In other words, a man does not care of other men, the only thing he is interested with is whether his wife is faithful or not. Speaking about the woman, she is more interested to know everything about that "other woman" rather than about the fact that her husband is not faithful.
But it is not all. A boy experiences his first jealousy competing with the "other man" - his father. But a girl does not compete with "other woman". Her main competitor to get the mother's attention seems to be a member of the opposite sex. It is very important because parents are the "prototypes" for the child in his\her future relationships. Who is the mother for the little boy? She is the ideal of love. And who is the father? He is the model of behavior. And what about the girl? The mother considers to be the model of behavior for her and the father is the ideal of love. Do you understand what does it mean?
A boy is jealous of the ideal of love, and a woman is jealous of the behavior's model. And when a man is jealous, he has the doubts that his woman is an ideal. And what happens when a woman is jealous? She has doubts that she is the model of her husband. Or she supposes that in fact the "other woman" is the model. It means that a woman has subconscious ability to copy the competitor which "takes away" the ideal of love from her. The boys or men are oriented to the rivalry with the other boys, but the girls or women are oriented do an imitation of the other girls.
In men' jealousy the anger prevails that is why the men make the murders and self-murders. Speaking about the women's jealousy, here is the fear prevails. In the men's jealousy dominates the sexual beginning, and in the women's jealousy - the emotional connection. A man who is jealous blames for the people around him. Usually he does not take himself into consideration because he thinks he is ideal in his behavior. As for the woman, who is jealous, usually she feels her drawbacks in it. The men do not think of "playing jealousy", and the women use it all the time.

How to deal with your own jealousy

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