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The effective skill to listen while dating

Sometimes some laconic men experience the difficulties in communication with the woman. The problem is the same: the man has nothing to say, not all the men are able to be skillful tellers of the stories. If you have the similar problem, then try to become a good listener for a woman for some time. You can read about the possible way to do this in the following article.
The men, who can flirt very well, knows the simple true: all the people are interesting. There can not be two similar histories of the human life; there can not be the similar meanings and thoughts. It means that everybody has what to tell about. When we realize what the difference is, we learn and achieve success. But it is the well known fact that people can not be open with the stranger, the person they meet for the first time. It can be true but very partly. In other words, to be open with you, the interesting woman needs to feel that she is not indifferent for you. So, there is a question: how can you show the woman that you deserve her trust and have a very sincere interest in her? You have to be a good listener. It is too simple to be truth, isn't it? It is so and not so. Everybody can learn to be a good listener though it will take some efforts. The people that can listen to the interlocutor are appreciated by the people beside you, this quality attracts the sympathy to them and they become interesting for the others. And this mutual interest helps strengthening of self-respect for both of the sides. It is something similar to flirt, isn't it?

Some rules that will help you to learn the art of listening

If you will take the pose of the attentive listener, you will notice that you really began to listen. It is so because your body is focused on the attention to the speaker, and your consciousness will certainly begin to work too. If you want to behave as the attentive listener for the woman, we can advice you the following:
  • Listen to her with desire.
  • Behave kindly.
  • You should stop talking by yourself all the time.
  • Sympathize to her.
  • Try not to digress. Do not forget: the communication needs responsibility.
  • Always answer positively.
  • Do not argue mentally. Remember that everybody has different manners of communication.
  • Do not lose the sense of humor.
Also, try to look to the women eyes all the time, having turned the body to her side and bent slightly; sometimes you can nod your head affirmatively. It will be clear that you listen. Sometimes if it is necessary, you can use some of the invigorative phrases, such as: "I understand", "Yes, yes", "It is interesting" and others. It is very important to behave as a very attentive listener because even if you have not concentrated yet, the woman will feel that you respect her.

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