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Gift for a woman

The genuine women's presents are, of course, perfume and cosmetics, jewelry and bijouterie, gloves, bags, beautiful handkerchiefs, scarves, needlework tackles, love stories, souvenirs, beautiful crockery.
Gloves are always pleasant and proper thing to present in winter time. Of course, you will prefer to choose the pair of true leather. They are soft, elastic, fit perfectly and no frost is able to damage them. Classical colors of this garment are black and brown of different shades. Modern designers often experiment with the most unusual colors and shapes. Even gloves of red, yellow, pink and violet color were in fashion. But the most important thing is to remember that gloves must match woman's bag and shoes.

How to choose the perfume

The most traditional presents for a woman are, of course, perfume and jewelry. There was always something magic about perfume. Originally fragrance was the privilege of the gods and priests. The native land of perfume is The East. In Egypt, where cosmetics were the object of science, the art of perfume was of much importance. The Israelites were the next to use perfume. The cases of using perfume are often mentioned in the Bible.
In the end of XIX century due to development of chemistry the possibilities of perfumers became endless. It became possible to imitate any natural scent. Nowadays the refined fragrance is available to anybody. The problem is of another kind - how to choose the right one among that abundance. Modern perfumers has more than 5 thousand aromatic essences among which there is only about 5 hundred of natural origin, the rest ones are the results of synthesizing. But the modern perfume hasn't lost its mysterious and magic essence.
It's a universal truth that our mood very often depends on the fragrances we breathe even more than on our physical state. For example, the scent of lavender, geranium, camphor have a peculiarity to increase the mood, to cheer up and to relive depression.
How to choose perfumes and other perfumed presents? All the scents can be divided into "masculine" and "feminine". "Feminine" aroma is the fresh scent of fruit, conifers and meadow grass - mint, thyme, sage. Of course, viscous and strong Eastern scents like sandal, myrrh, nard belong to that kind. Traditional "masculine" fragrance are ambergris, musk, lavender, lemon, sharp piquant fragrance of grass like balmy. Nowadays women use perfume with "masculine" fragrance more and more often. There is no deficiency in various aromas to different taste. The most important thing is to match fragrant matters that would be harmonic.
The presents can be in shape of shampoo, deodorant, and soap besides perfume. And the unsuccessful combinations of the fragrant matters can cause the effect, quite opposite the one that is expected. It's rather easy to find the way out - many cosmetic firms produce the sets of different perfume and cosmetic things have the same fragrant tone. There are a lot of bubbles, aroma gels and tonic that are proper to different perfumes. And a woman is guaranteed to be surrounded by her irresistible and individual scent.
The scent of our body is the combination of natural aroma of our skin and hair with favorite perfume. It's often recommended to choose the scent in accordance with the color of woman's hair. Blondes are traditionally advised to buy perfume of light flower fragrance while brunets - of stronger and exotic one. The age of the woman is also important. Naturally, the perfumes for a young girl and for a woman are different.
How to choose the perfume? It's much recommended to do it only in the afternoon when our nose is more sensitive to feel fragrance. You should try no more than 3-4 fragrances at one time. The perfume of high quality consists of 3 major "notes". The first "note" is fresh, light aroma of verdure, meadow flowers and fruits that is noticed immediately as you open the bottle but is gone in a few minutes. "The heart" of the perfume, its "central note" - unique combination of fragrant matters can be felt within 4 hours of breathing. The complete impression is made by "tail" - the addition of special matters - aldehydes as their essence. These are matters that fix the scent. "Tail" of the perfume can be felt for a long time - for a few days and even weeks.
Is it possible to feel the perfume at once, by the counter in the shop? If you judge by the first impression just after opening the bottle you can hardly make the right choice. "Heart" note of the perfume can be reflected by the perfumed piece of the porolon a shop assistant may offer you. But you are failed to recognize the "tail" of the perfume so soon. So, it turns out that to feel the true fragrance you should buy the perfume. Try to use the test perfume to be able to find out your beloved woman's taste and not to waste money on expensive production.

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