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How to choose flowers for a woman?

Every flower has its meaning and secret sense. The language of flowers may be no less impressive and understandable than a word, gesture and gaze. Some people like to present a bouquet but some prefer to present a flower. An Arab saying goes: "It is better to present a flower to your beloved woman every day than all the flowers in a single bouquet". But doe not forget: if you decided to present a flower it should be big-sized. So you can present a rose, carnation, big chrysanthemum, lily or gladiolus.
An innocent girl should be presented with fragrant flowers with a half open buds: pink or yellow roses, red carnations, lilies of the valley, white chrysanthemums etc.; a young woman should be presented with luxuriantly blooming red roses, gladioluses, tulips, carnations of light tones, chrysanthemums and dahlias. The bouquet composed of the same a species of flowers look much better. If you go for a date you should better choose an unpretentious nosegay of violets, gillyflowers, cornflowers, camomiles, daisies. You should not buy a huge bouquet of gladioluses (it is appropriate for some festive event).
For every bouquet it is important to has a special psychological effect of colours: red color puts one in a very festive and cheerful mood, white adds a spirit of tenderness and freshness, orange and yellow gives a feeling of warmth and light, and blue color makes an atmosphere of trust. Everybody know that a rose is a symbol of love and beauty. Do you know that the color of roses is very important as well? And many other flowers have their meaning.
The symbolism of colour is very important in the flower language. So, red and white roses in the same bouquet symbolize unity, pink ones symbolize gracefulness and elegancy, yellow ones symbolize joyful and pleasant communication. It is possible to tell you feelings with the help of orange and coral roses. Dark red roses and vinous roses mean that your beloved woman is extremely beautiful. Pink roses symbolize hope and tenderness. A sensitive, romantic person who treats you very tenderly and anxiously may present you a bouquet of pink flowers. One rose symbolizes shyness, and it is very good if present with a gift. The one who presents a bouquet of violet flowers is a very sensitive man who cares about eternal values and who is very serious about people who are by his side (in this very situation about you). Fresh orange color symbolizes optimistic attitude to reality, attachment and passionate desires. Yellow color is also good for expressing wild feelings. Scarlet roses symbolize the passionate and deep feeling and desire. White flowers are associated with innocence, they express tenderness, respect, passionate attachment of your beloved one.
There are some flowers which have the same meaning as roses do, for example: red chrysanthemums, tulips or carnations can stand for "I love you". Daisies will make a compliment to your beloved one's beauty, and elegant lilies will point her fabulous beauty. And lilac can be presented only once, because it is considered the symbol of the first love. Gardenia is better to be presented by shy and timid men who would like to express their secret love, but have not said about it a word yet. Violets express attachment. Daffodils, the flowers of egoism, can help you to mock at a woman's vanity.

Yulia Pavlova

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