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Lessons of flirt

Have you ever faced the situation when the Russian girl you like don't pay any attention to you? If you still have such difficulties then you need these lessons how to flirt.
The first thing you have to remember is that flirt is not just a conversation with a woman you like. It is the language of body. If you are efficient enough in using it, you will achieve success very quickly.
Psychologists say that if man show the buckle of his belt, handles or touches it and if he puts his hands in the pockets it means that he wants the woman to notice the "definite" parts of his body. We can say the same thing about women, when they play with the locks of their hair, lick their lips or adjust their cloths.
Psychologists can name three kinds of flirt: smile, glance and slope of head. Many things depend on your ability to "make eyes". But you should not think only about glance when talking about "making eyes". You should not forget about sincere smile and slightly sloped head and right location to the lady you like. If you consider all these things, the Russian woman will like you without any doubt.
When you just communicate with a girl, don't forget to show your sincere interest to the things she tells you. Nothing terrible will happen if you will show "too much" interest. Laugh sincerely at the jokes of the woman you like.
If you want to assure that your flirt is effective, pay attention at mimicry and gestures of the lady. If she blushes and move closer to you, laughs at your jokes it means that you are no doubt interesting to her and your chances to continue relationship become bigger.

Yulia Pavlova

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