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The anatomy of family relationships

It often happens so in our life when it seems like two people perfectly match each other but in some time they break up. They are compatible with the characters and habits, but they simply can not live together. Probably the reason is that they do not want or they can not yield to each other in something, they can not cope with the simple things of everyday life.
We can say that a marriage compatibility is the wish to build the harmonious relationships, considering the interests of each other and it stays on the first place. Such kind of compatibility will be the guaranty of success in a marriage. And if one of the partners is an egoist, a marriage will not last for a long time. The second half will not feel care and attention and, as a result, will grow cool towards the chosen one.
However a married relationships are not so simple. They should be considered from different points of view. For the most of us, the intimate relationship is considered to be the most important in the relationship. The sexual harmony is the dominant factor of the family happiness. It is a very thin sphere of the married relationships. Any troubles we have at work or at home, effect the sexual side of a marriage. It is very difficult to differentiate the spheres of the married relationships. It often happens so that the partners punish each other having no sex for the certain period. At the same time, if they did not do this, it would be easier for them to make it up with each other and build some common rules.
If we take the married relationships as a character matter, it makes us to think again that the compatibility of the characters is important and we need to know if we are ready to renounce our habits to save the marriage. They say that a habit is the second nature. It often happens that a person sees his\her habits as the own rights for some action. He thinks that the concession of his habit is the display of his weakness. It is actually the way most of men think about this. As a matter of fact, the flexibility of character and the control of the words and actions are necessary to safe any marriage.
The family relationships should be taken as a role behavior matter. The idea of the role of a man and a woman lays at an early age under the influence of the parent's behavior. Then it shapes under the influence of the sphere. The lack of coincidences of some mutual expectations is considered to be the reason of the conflicts. That is why, before living together, it is better for a marriage couple to talk about the conceptions of role of a husband and a wife.
The spiritual side of the relationship between married people is also important for some of us, especially for the older people. The happier and more lasting a marriage is, the better is the system of the values and common outlook of a married couple. One of the important moments in married relationships is the ability to please each other and try to avoid the things that bring sadness and offenses. It is also important to be patient and to forget the offenses. Everything can happen in the life. And to become wisdom, we need to learn the right lesson from the any situation. Your wife or husband will be thankful to you for your ability to forgive and not trying to remind about the old mistakes.
A married life is not so easy as it seems to be. You need to be ready to the marriage. A married life is the every day work of two people trying to reach the harmony in their relationships and in the adaptation to each other.

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