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Compliments for your Russian lady

If you want to learn how to make compliments and to leave good impression after yourself this article is for you.
Each time when you get acquainted with a woman, during the first 15-40 seconds of your meeting try to set a good fundament for your next date. Try to tell her something pleasant, even if it is a trifle. "Nice to meet you! You have a very PLEASANT perfume"
First of all, if your compliment fit the place, you will be treated positively from the first minute. Secondly, you will gain such a habit in a woman, that each time she sees you her spirits will rise. "Hello! Each time I see you my life is BECOMING BRIGHTER!", especially if you touch her gently while saying this. For example you can say touching her shoulder: "Wow! Your dress suits your eye's color!"
You can act the same way even if you are just calling her: "It's a PLEASURE to hear your voice!", that's why all the letters begin from the words: "Dear (name)!" Try this on the people you often see, for example: "Bill, my old FRIEND! How great it is that I have met you!" If the person is smiling, you can smile in answer: "Hi! You have a GOOD MOOD as always!"
Please, remember one important thing! You are to feel REALLY all those things that you are telling your girl-friend. Because there should be a SINCERE joy on your face (you know, what can happen otherwise). "I have been thinking about you yesterday and thought that it would be GREAT if we went somewhere, rested and spent time TOGETHER…" For this you should try consciously (by the time you will manage to do it unconsciously) to notice all those things that you like in a girl. "I have noticed your CONFIDENT walk from far away! I think that something WONDERFUL has happened to you!". If you think that she will be glad to hear it, say it, but you should know that such phrases like: "COOL legs!" won't be estimated by every girl. Show the positive energy because it is appealing magically: "You know, I have always dreamt of finding such an INTERESTING interlocutor as you are".

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