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Personal meeting with your Russian bride.

As you know, everybody has his or her own idea of what is good and bad. But, to tell the truth, Slavic standards of good behavior do not differ much from those accepted in the Western countries. All you need is to have a tidy looks and be polite.
When meeting your Russian lady for the first time, do not forget to greet her. There is no need to shake her hand. Just smile, look into her eyes and say hi.
Do not talk too loud. Listen to her carefully without interrupting. Display your interest in her. Complement her. Just act as a gentleman. Before smoking ask her if she does not mind your smoking.
Even if she says something that you find hard to understand, be tolerant and try to understand her. Do not press on her or don't display your aggression.
It is unacceptable from the Russian women's point of view to keep silence at the meeting or be indifferent to the lady. Of course, it is essential that you be honest with her.
And, because lots of Slavic men are inclined to alcoholism, drinking alcohol is what may make your woman angry with you.
When it comes to the marital life, Russian women value devotion and reliability most. That is why you should demonstrate your partner that she is special to you.

Yulia Pavlova

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