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A good way to start relationship with Russian woman: write a letter.

Well, there are no special tips. Just be yourself and say what you would have to say aiming to make a good impression on your Russian bride
  • Be honest and provide accurate information about yourself: your name, age, profession, family status, likes.
  • Try to make your letter as more personal as possible. Tell her about your mood, about how was your day. Tell her some touching story from your life.
  • Do not be shy to demonstrate your interest in the lady. Feel free to ask questions.
  • Compliments… You should never forget about them. Actually that is #1 point in our tip list. Compliment her picture. Be sincere from the very start. Let her know what impressed you about her at first sight.
  • Make your letter bright and impressive. Do not forget about jokes. It is important that you sound friendly, optimistic and positive from the very start.
  • Keep your letter short. There is no need to write a novel for 2 or 3 pages. Your letter should occupy a bit more than a half of a standard page. Do not forget to attach your photo.
  • Reply promptly. If you do not have time to reply, send a lady your short note just to notify her that you are busy and will get back on her later.
The main tip is be yourself and show her the best parts of your personality.
Good luck!

Yulia Pavlova

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