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How to write a good introductory letter to Russian woman?

In order to write an impressive introductory letter to a Russian girl the man needs to know a few things that would put him in good stand with the lady. It is widely known that you never get a second chance of the first impression.
So it is crucial for the man to position himself as a respectable citizen of his country who has the necessary qualifications and the job to provide for the family and the required personal qualities to be a loving and caring husband. But it is vital not to go overboard in self-praising. The woman needs to feel special after getting your letter and if you paint yourself a superman, she will feel a bit uneasy.
In the introductory letter it is necessary to mention previous marriage experience in order to anticipate further questions. Besides, it is necessary to mention kids if any and the relationship with them. It is desirable to enclose a photo to the introductory letter because the lady will request it further anyway.
Also, it would good to tell the woman that appealed to you a bit about your hobbies and your personality, but try to avoid enumerating commonplace things like traveling, music and animals. If they actually are your hobbies give more details, try to think of something special and original to excite the woman's imagination.
The introductory letter should not be long, but informative. It is the first step you take to the heart of your future Russian wife.

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