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Russian ladies like clever men

Russian ladies believe that intellect is the best quality, which "ideal men" have. According to the notification of "Interfax", that is the information from the questionnaire among 1460 women of the country, which experts have done in the Russian Federation Academy of Science and the Independent Institute of Social and National Problems.
36,7 % of women poses men's intellect on the first place while choosing their life-mate. The second stage is physical force and health (36%); the third is the ability to support (34,1%), the fourth is the absence of bad habits (28,6%), the fifth is the self-confidence (23,1%), the sixth is the fidelity in love (21,9%), the seventh is the sense of humor (17,6%).
The ability to be sex appeal turned out to be important for 17% of women only. This quality is on the eighth place. Men's attractive appearance follows; it is 15,7%, kindness (13,4%), love to children (12,7%), men's domesticity (9%), the ability to be easy-going (6,1%) and finally, strong character (5,3%).
Every second woman among those who were questioned claimed that she has already found her life-mate. About 27% who have not found their life-mate yet, are sure that they will have luck in their search. Following to the sociologists' notification, 17% of women represent "the expectation of a prince in the form of some fatality".

The source: Following to Russian press data.

Women choose a man considering his scent.

Women choose their partner taking into account the smell of his body. The investigation, carried out in the Chicago University under the doctor Martha McClintock's leadership, showed that the odds to attract a woman has the man with the smell like lady's father and a little bit different from her own. Fifty single women have been offered to choose men's scent, participated in the investigation. The T-shirts, which men had been wearing for two days, used as a sample of smell. The scientists found out that the women prefer the odour similar to their father's scent instinctively.
According to the researchers, when choosing a partner in accordance with his body's smell, a woman prefers unconsciously the man whose genes of immune system are similar to some genes of her father and herself. It will make a woman to be confident about her children's firm and stable immune system. On the other hand, genetic difference of her partner and herself will expand the possible range of immune reactions in a child's organism.
The substances, identifuing a person's individual smell, are produced by human organism, were called pheromones. Their synthesis is controlled by the group of genes of immune system, called the main complex of gist match.

The source: According to the Foreign Press data.

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