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The secret of the wrapping of a present

The color of the wrapping turns out to has not less physiological effect on the partner as the present itself. The wrapping can arise a sexual wish, sentimental tears, express admiration or respect. And it can also be the sign of the disregarded attitude and cynicism or even of disrespect. Sometimes we feel this effect with our intuition and sometimes we ask ourselves: "What did it mean?"
The bright, colored wrapper will suggest that the presenter wants to arise your positive emotions and laughter. Usually such a parcel paper uses for the friends' presents, who gathered to have a fun together. "Bright" presents should be unpacked immediately in the presence of the company with cheerful and noisy remarks.
The present for a beloved woman has quite another look. If her present is in a rosy color - she is seen as a tender violet that needs caring, if it's in a blue color - she is seen as a light and fresh cloud, dream. The presents in red are given only in case if there wasn't any other wrapping in the shop - red color symbolizes too aggressive love. Navy or blue color says that your relationship is on the study of development and it's up to you to decide what to do further. A white color is a rare thing. It suggests that you are partners. To wrap a present in a yellow paper is not clever action because, yellow color is an international color of separation. Green color is the color of stability and devotion in your relationship. This color is preferable with the old people.
It's not necessary to wrap a present for a loved man in dark tones. Silver with navy hues will express a deep feeling of passion and love. You shouldn't give a man presents in green color. They can be considered as a slight hint at the immaturity of some important physiological functions. The presents in black have a feeling of fear about them. The ones in violet suggest a kind of game - "I'm suffering, give me a comfort". The ones in red will say noting in favor of your modesty. Business presents must be wrapped in paper of terracotta or dark - green hues. In this case they will be considered as a sign of respect.
The great bow on a woman's gift suggests the desire to please her. A small and light bow is a symbol of romance in the relationship, the dark one - of uncertainty. It's better not to use bows for men's presents. It can suggest a man that you see a women's devotee. You must take caution with the presents of round shape. It's a very transparent hint at a person's being the complete full. The most mysterious shape of a present is cub. The simplest one is the plain bag in colored paper. You should mind the following fact - the consideration of the most unpretentious present depends on its wrapping.

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