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Why do Western men want to marry Russian women

The reason why Western men choose Russian brides is far from being mysterious. It is a widely held belief that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world. There is much truthfulness in this statement, besides, the ladies that become clients of dating agencies need some courage and determination to do so and for this they definitely have to feel good about themselves.
One of the ways a woman can nurture herself esteem is by means of maintaining her attractive appearances. So it is true that Russian women may be much more beautiful than say in the US, but it can not be regarded as a gene-deep quality, the reason for it is the fact that Russian ladies take much greater care in looking after themselves. They apply tremendous attention to what they eat and how they dress feeling obliged to be irresistible.
It is the fact that in some countries women do not see the necessity to look attractive and feminine on a daily basis. They disregard it especially after long years of marriage thinking that people around them, including their partners are so much used to them that they are not capable of perceiving the difference between her casual or smart appearance.

Why Western man can't find a woman in their own country

In many cases man can not find a partner in his own country because there are simply not enough single women in the community he inhabits. But this is only a few cases, while the majority of men determined to get married to a Russian lady not because of woman shortage in his area, but because it is the Russian woman that he wants to have as a wife.
There are numerous reasons for that. First and the foremost, it is the breathtaking beauty that all Russian women are believed to possess. Certainly, it is a bit exaggerated, but in fact some Western men genuinely believe it is true.
The next reason Western men prefer to have a Russian wife rather than that from their own country is the following: Western women have become extremely competitive and they are now taking this feature to extremes. They no longer want to limit their occupation to creating and preserving family comfort; they strive for self-realization in the professional field. Their career perspectives step up to the same point where their family used to be (or even higher than that) in their chart of priorities of life. And of course Western men are in no way happy with this kind of transformation.

The Differences between Americans and Russians

The differences between Americans and Russians are of course a matter to be taken into consideration. There are a few aspects that are almost diametrically opposed in some cases, but the universal humanistic values are something shared regardless of the country of origin.
It goes without saying that the country of origin with the peculiarities of its historical development and current economic and political situation produces a very considerable impact on the mentality of the people inhabiting it. But in terms of a relationship, it is the personality of the partner that has a much greater impact on the perspective of happy relationship.
The fact that personal qualities weigh more that general national characteristics does not imply that they should be discharged as absolutely irrelevant. Certainly, the peculiarities of national mentality should be taken into careful consideration as well as the standard of living both partners are used to. It is undisputable that there would be some discrepancies and it can eventually cause argument and make the relationship more difficult, but nevertheless, given some patience and understanding the cultural differences will not be fatal for the international relationship.

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