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In recent years, thousands of young Russian women have come to the USA by means of marriage and were labeled "Russian mail-order brides". But who are these women, really? Why are they prepared to leave everything behind, to go to an unknown country and live with an unknown man? We will attempt to make clear the phenomenon of russian mail-order-brides.

Why do Russian women look for american men

First, as many of women state in their profiles, they have failed to find the partner they need in Ukraine and thus, try seek a future husband in a foreign country.
Western men are thought to have better education, manners and more positive outlook on life. Moreover, because of the Western outlook, men in the USA and Western Europe in their twenties and thirties are usually concerned about their career. But, as they achieve their goal in the professional field, their primary concern is starting a family and providing for it.
That's Russian girls are seeking - a mature man, capable of starting a family, of establishing a lasting relationship, who is a loving and reliable partner. Finally, as many Russian women believe, Western men are thought to have stronger family values than Slavic men.

Why are american men seeking Russian brides?

As mentioned above, men from the West need to realize themselves capable of providing for their family before they start one. That is the most essential point. But as they feel mature enough for that and look around, they can see nobody who they would like to share the life with. Not because of their heightened standards. Partly it can be explained by the fact women in the USA and Western Europe have become too independent and feministic in the recent 50 years. In their fight for independence many of them have lost their femininity and tenderness.
Let's face the truth: every normal man considers himself to embody power and independence in the family and he is seeking for a vulnerable, loving, feminine and kind lady. Obviously, he is unlikely to meet one in the West.
Moreover, as Western women realize themselves to be independent, a large percentage of them no longer feel the inner need to for starting a family. They feel happy about their life, and can provide for themselves, get a decent living without a man. Most of them no longer care about their looks. Yet, in fact, it turns out to be a matter of a great importance.
Everything is vise versa when it comes to Slavic ladies. From the early childhood they are reminded that family is the greatest priority in the life of every woman. They are caring and responsive. And certainly, in contrast to Western ladies, Russian women never forget about their appearance. It is always important for them to have a good look, to make a positive impression on people around them. Further, because they are caring and ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a family, they can devote their lives to their husband and kids. They are not as career-concerned as women from the West.

What man is a Russian bride looking for?

Although tastes differ, still a certain number of traits that are commonly valued by Russian brides can be found. They are:
  • Capacity for loving;
  • Loyalty;
  • Reliability;
  • Honesty;
  • Good sense of humor;
  • Strong family values;
  • Devotion;
  • Tolerance;
  • Good fit, no bad habits.
But let me assure you, you do not have to be perfect to make a Russian beauty fall in love with you. Above is the minimum list of traits that are needed to maintain a stable relationship in every couple. You just have to behave as every normal, tolerant man who respects and loves his second half. But of course, you should not be excellent. No doubt, your lady realizes that you are a mere human and you have your own drawbacks. However, if you treat your partner with true love and respect, she will never make a point on that.

What are the differences between Russians and Americans?

That's a subject for a separate scientific research :) and it's almost impossible to cover all the traits of Russian and American nations in several lines.
Nevertheless… The main peculiarity of Russians that make them stand out among other nations is their cordiality, sincerity and open mind. Slavic people are emotional. Most of them are unlikely to conceal what they feel behind the broad smile as Americans sometimes do.
If they are happy, they will display that. But if they are unhappy or not satisfied with something, you can easily see that. If they fall in love, they go crazy and almost never feel shy about that.
In contrast to Russians, Americans are more reserved in these terms. It's more common for American people to be friendly and kind, but there's always a limit to their emotions. Americans are unlikely to show their true feelings to people around them. They rarely get intimate in their conversation with their relatives and friends.
Yet have you ever heard a Russian woman chatting on the phone with her friend? She'll cover whole her life in this conversation and will turn her soul inside out, share secrets, cry and laugh.
Another crucial difference between the two nations is their view of family life and relationship between children and their parents. This is how it is in the USA: children become independent, get a job and live separately in the early age: when they reach twenty. After they get education, they are concerned about making career. At the age of 30-35, as they realize themselves ready to start a family, they get married.
Yet in Russia, because of the lower living standard it's more difficult to obtain financial security at the early age. That's the reason why children live along with their parents till they get married and parents keep on supporting them. Sometimes even after getting married, children don't get a separate place of residence, as it's difficult to buy one. And in contrast to Americans, Russian people get married between 20 and 30. Sometimes Russian girls get married at 17 and 18. And it's considered a normal thing.
Of course, it's not the full list of differences between Russians and Americans. Each of these nations has its own view on such issues as money, job, education and other areas of human life. But, without any doubt, they share the same viewpoint on love and family values. Hopefully, as you obtain your own experience in communicating with Russian ladies, you'll be able to complete this list.

Yulia Pavlova

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