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Russian etiquette of greetings

As a rule, russian etiquette of greetings is the same everywhere: in different words and in different ways to wish to have a nice morning, afternoon and night, strong health, work success, prosperity and happiness. The form of wish should be chosen according to the situation. Try to express your friendly and kind attitude in your greeting. The words are spoken distinctly without hurry. It's better to smile at the person addressed.
It's the man who greets first, the young person with the old one, the coming person with the standing one. The woman accompanied by a few men greets first with the woman walking alone or in company of other women. A greeting ( as well as farewell) is usually accompanied by gestures: a handshake, a nod of the head, a bow and sometimes by a kiss of a woman's hand.
Hand shake is a traditional, symbolic gesture. The sense of the ancient custom is to show that there is no arms in somebody's hand. Nowadays a handshake is not necessary especially if getting in touch often. But if you like this form of greeting you should remember that a handshake must be neither too firm nor insipid. Give your hand in a free and confident gesture. A handshake shouldn't last long.
If entering the room you want to handshake with the only person, according to etiquette you are to give hands to all the others. Greeting someone in the street a woman is allowed not to take off her glove but the man is obliged to. A woman who is introduced to a man is the first to give her hand. The same priority have the old people.
For women and older people a bow is acquired produced with a little bending of the body. If you are in the company of the lady you needn't to stand up. The communication between a man and a woman has always been of special regard.
Nowadays there is a custom of kissing a woman's hand in some countries. In Germany and Austria this custom is kept only on special occasions. But in Poland this romantic ceremony is usual: a man kisses a woman's hand every time he greets and farewells with her giving in such a way special solemnity to every communication with a woman. Recently this beautiful tradition began to revive also in Russia.
Loud greetings are considered to be the breach of etiquette. You should avoid claiming attention to your appearance. A greetings is a decent and quite available way of starting to communicate or of getting acquainted.

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