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Russian ladies like sensible men, don't they?

How do you think, what kind of man do women prefer? Tender and sensible, or rough and determined and even impudent. To win a woman's heart you have to be able to go along thin line between sensibility and impudence. Of course woman likes when a man remembers about the St. Valentine's Day, doesn't make mistakes calling her by name and take her to decent restaurants. All this is very pleasant…but it doesn't last for long. I will open you a little secret: acting this way, you can go too far and then your lady can abandon you for the first rogue. Russian women like nice guys but they will never take serious interest in "irreproachable angel".
Sensible men are good when there is mood to drink a glass of beer and to talk about men who drive us crazy. So, if you don't want to be a shoulder to cry on for all acquainted girls, then you have to read and study the following well:
The first: men never cry but can feel upset a little. But if you don't cry AT ALL, most likely you will be accused of being heartless. A man has a right to cry ONLY on the following reasons: a birth of a baby, death of a parent or loss of loved dog. It will certainly show her that you are not a heartless block. In no case you can cry because of daily troubles or shed a tear of deep emotion on seeing beautiful sunset (leave it to women).
The second: if you are good enough not only in bed but also in the kitchen try to conceal this fact. Not all women like to cook, but none of them will date a guy who is better in cooking. (put yourself in her place, will it make you happy if your girl is much better then you in facilities of engine in your car?) If you make up your mind to indulge your girlfriend with a delicious dish, NEVER PUT AN APRON ON.
The third: fighters club. Women like to feel safe but it doesn't mean you have to demonstrate your muscles every time when someone fixes an eye on your girlfriend's charming face. However, men who go all out to avoid problems don't turn on at all. So, demonstrate your constant ability to defend her. And also it doesn't mean you can beat a mug of her boss on a corporate party. All conflicts can be resolved peacefully or just with a sense of humour. After all, women are not so blood-thirsty.
The forth: her Ex… boyfriends. I do not call you to meet them, to make friends with them or be aggressive towards them, as it can lead the situation out of control. Women like when their men are jealous but reasonably. It would be enough to ask: "had you really been dating this dwarf with a low forehead for three years?" it will show that you are not indifferent but also not jealous, as undoubtedly you are much better!

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