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Russian Women want to marry Western men, don't they

The reasons why Russian girls are so attracted by the perspective to get married to Western men are numerous. First of all, most of the ladies who become clients of marriage agencies have had an unpleasant experience of a relationship with men from their home countries. That is why it is understandable why they are looking for their destiny somewhere else.
Secondly, the latest statistics show that in Russia or Ukraine there are only 88 men for 100 women! In Russia alone, there are 10 million more women than men! It means that there are 10 millions Russian women will never find a partner! Historically, during the 20th century, women in Russia always outnumbered men, with World War 2 that took lives of 20 million Soviet people, and other 20 million people that died in Stalinís concentration camps. 90% of them were men.
It is also necessary to mention that normally the Russian ladies who dream of getting married to a man from abroad have an opinion that life in a foreign country would be like another chance they would get to start anew. Besides, the standard of living in the post communist republic leaves much to be desired and many ladies also strive for a better life. But this is not at all the chief reason why they are looking for a husband from the West.
Most of them genuinely believe that their second half, their soul mate is somewhere out there waiting to be found and looking for her too. Russian women are usually not afraid to experience the culture shock and the possible hardships connected with the transition to another country because they genuinely believe that their partner will hold them through all the difficulties and their life will be like one big sunset.
It is true that some ladies do not have realistic expectations concerning the life abroad, but their natural ability to adapt to the environment makes them well equipped to face the challenges of life that settling in another country may have for them.

Why Russian ladies can't find a man in their own country

It is highly possible that after an unpleasant experience of a relationship or even several with men form their home countries Russian women have formed an opinion about Russian men which is not at all positive. This opinion may be overly stereotyped, but it is understandable given the fact that the features that Russian ladies attribute to Russian men have been repeatedly seen by them. It goes without saying that there are good men in their countries too, but to find one who would be free is easier said than done.
First of all it can be accounted for the fact that women who have separated with their partners and are currently in a quest for new love can not easily change the environment that they live in. Their life has turned into an established routine already and it is not very easy for them to budget the time and set out the funds necessary to go to new places and meet new people, including men. Besides, there's no guarantee that the new men they will meet will be romantically interested in them.
That is why instead of using the time and effort to look for the One in the common surroundings, women prefer to do it in some kind of passive way. They place their profile at the disposal of some marriage agency and wait. This way, the Russian ladies know for sure that if a man does take an interest in her, it already has a chance of working out well, because it means some kind of cooperation, as both sides are interested in the favorable outcome.

What kind of men is seeking Russian women

Based on the information provided by the experienced dating agency employees, it is possible to mention a few kinds of men who are looking for a Russian bride.
The majority of them are middle-aged men who have had a failed relationship in the past. They regret their previous marriage and commonly the cause of divorce was their former wife's personality. They were either not caring enough, overly competitive or simply unfaithful. Many men who are looking for a wife from Russia or neighboring countries believe that Russian women will treat them in an entirely different way.
Very often, men who are looking for a Russian wife already have children and they may want their future partner to have one or a few kids of her own.
Another kind of men who long to get married to a Russian lady are those who have not been married before and the reason for that could be their career development. They got so caught up in their business that they didn't realize that time was going by quickly and they should be thinking about a family. When they eventually do accomplish the necessity to start a family they realize to their great dismay that there are not as many single women in their community as they had expected. Besides, their business is still a matter to be taken care of, so the safest way is to be looking on the internet.

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