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Contemplating Marriage

If you are simply curious about what Russian women are like and think the idea of dating a Russian woman would be fun, then this web site will not help you. Further, I would not recommend that you trifle with these women's affections or raise their hopes of marriage if you have no intention of marriage. However, if you have reached a point in your life where you are tired of dating, tired of being single and seriously want to be married, then read on. For I can assure you, literally 10's of thousands of Russian women are interested in marrying foreign men. On the front end, you know the women you are courting want to commit themselves to marriage, not just dating for the fun of it. If you are tired of one night dates and short-term romances leading to nowhere, then the process of marrying a Russian woman will assuredly appeal to you.
Why are Russian women interested in marrying foreign men? There are numerous Russian Marriage Agency web sites with varying answers to this question. But all the marketing hype distills down to two points, Russian women are disenchanted with Russian men and want a better life for themselves and their children. A thorough discussion of disenchantment is presented in the topic "Customs and courtship in Russia". Regarding the second point of the Russian woman wanting a better life for herself – who doesn't. America was founded and continues to receive immigrants seeking the opportunity for a better life. To provide you some personal insight into Russian women's feelings about marriage, I have included several letters I received during my correspondence.

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