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How to find out if you are being scammed

Apparently, you are reading this article, because you are in a brown study concerning a lady from Ukraine or Russia you are in touch with over the Internet. It is not a secret that nowadays the Internet is a powerful tool to find a soulmate or a "lost half". However, there is always a "but". It is highly recommended to be aware of Internet dating scammers, those are aimed only at your money. They are very resourceful and it is possible to get scammed even when you are sure about your lady for a hundred per cent...
Fortunately, there is a way to become absolutely sure whether you are in touch with a scammer or not. There are antiscam teams situated in ex-USSR territories. Their main aim is to fight scammers so that honest ladies from Ukraine and Russia feel easy while communicating foreign men.
Nobody likes to be suspected of anything bad!
It is known that Ukraine and Russia are the "Countries of Brides". Ladies in these countries are usually very beautiful and respective to men. They are not all about feminism, but family and children. It is a matter of fact that the most beautiful women live in Donbass (Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine). It was a great pity, but Lugansk became the center of Ukrainian dating scammers those are used to play with feelings of others easily and without any remorse. That is why the first antiscam team was founded in Lugansk. You can read more about them and their work here
What if you found a beautiful and kind lady from Ukraine or Russia you want to live with? How can you be sure that she is not going to play with you and disappear after taking your money?
Antiscam teams are able to help you like they have helped thousands of foreigners. They can documentally demonstrate whether your lady exists or not in order to make you sure about her. They work all over Ukraine and Russia, Moldova and Romania and can investigate any of 250 million persons living in these countries. You will learn nearly everything about your lady within just a few days!
If you have any questions you can get your answers if you write at
Sincerely Yours, AntiScam Ukraine Team
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