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Antiscam Information

There has be much said and written about swindle on the Internet. There are many sites related to this topic and there you can find the photos and profiles of scammers. How can you clear up whether your pen pal is trying to cheat you and swindled out your money? Read our pieces of advice and it will probably help you to avoid a scam and keep your money safe. Be careful while corresponding if:
  • Your pen pal is too reserved. If she does not tell you much about herself in details for a long time it means that she is either diffident or married or is trying to swindle out your money and disappear.
  • Your pen friend is flirting with other people on the Internet very often. Very often you can meet a true "Casanova" on the Internet as well as in reality. As a rule such people have some problems (psychological or financial) and try to solve it owing to a great number of pen pals. Such people are not interested in you seriously. Be attentive to how your Russian bride conducts on the Internet (whether she is corresponding with anybody else). You will learn much about her conduct and likes.
  • Your pen pal is asking too many questions. You should not tell your virtual love about your private life in all details even if you trust her.
  • It seems to you that your girl-friend is interested only in either virtual or telephone communication, your correspondence will probably not develop.
  • You have been corresponding for a long time but your pen friend does not want to give you a phone number and does not want to meet you in reality. Probably she does not want to develop your correspondence or she has something to keep back. You should not continue corresponding.
  • Your Russian girl is asking for money. You may like that someone needs your help, but you should remember that she may want to use you. Therefore you should be careful. Do not send any money, it will be better to spend it on your girl-friend when you meet her personally.
  • Your pen pal does not want to get any cards and gifts sent to her home address. It may be a warning of your pen pal relationship with someone else (she may live together with someone and does not want any long-term relationship with you).
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